Rodeo Bull Hire Shrewsbury

At A-class Inflatables we are proud to hire out Billy the Rodeo Bull, I must say since starting the company in 2011 the Rodeo Bull is our most exiting yet! It keeps the family or your guests entertain for hours and hours in the Shrewsbury area.

As we are located in the Shrewsbury area you will find our best prices for this area.

The price you see will come with an operator from A-class Inflatables that will make sure your guests are as safe as they can possibly be when using the Rodeo Bull in the Shrewsbury area.

Our Rodeo Bull machine is safety tested every 12 months in order to make sure that the machine is safe for all of our customers. It is also manufactured by the best suppliers in the UK.

Our Rodeo Bull in the Shrewsbury area will definitely satisfy your needs for any event such as Weddings, Birthdays, Fun Days, School Events. We have worked with many venues in Shrewsbury with the Rodeo Bull so many will know who we are!

Check out our video below to see our bull in action in the Shrewsbury area!!


If you would like more information on booking our Rodeo Bull in the Shrewsbury area please contact us on 07760 663737 or email